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The town of Vis is located in the north-eastern part of the island Vis in the bottom of a well-protected bay. It developed from the former settlements Kut and Luka, which became one entity in the 16th century by the building of the church ‘Gospa od Spilica’. Island Vis boasts the beauty of limpid waters and protected submarine world, rich with sunken ships and magic marine images that have been hidden for years. Relax on secluded beaches of numerous peaceful bays, in transparent blue sea and under the hot sun of Vis. Many visitors, and especially the yachtsmen, are coming more and more to Vis. In every moment you can see changes in life-style, but at the same time Vis has kept the old, irresistible Mediterranean charm and life without stress and trouble. Vis hides much more interesting details, which are waiting for you to discover!