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Žut (Kornat Island)

Žut is one of the islands of the Kornati archipelago. It is located between the island of Pašman on the one side, which is connected to the mainland by a boat heading to Ugljan, and the island of Kornat on the other. The inlets of Hiljca, Saruscica, Bizikovica, Golubovac, Zesnja, Podrazanj, Strunac and others line up along its steep and very indented coastline, providing robinsonian atmosphere and possible shelter for small fisherman boats and small sailboats. There are no permanent settlements on this island covered with olives, figs and vine, but over the year various fishermen and shepherds, olive producers and fig pickers from the island of Murter occasionally stay here. Since Kornati are a nautical heaven, there is also a marina with around 120 berths on Žut. Therefore, this place is ideal for everyone coming to their summer vacation with their own or rented boat, since the sea around Žut, as well as the entire Kornati archipelago, is the best spot for sailing and water sports.